Mark chapters 14-16

Download the resources here. Each download contains a translation of the text, commentary on the text, going deeper, all-age worship suggestions and hymns & liturgies. You can purchase a copy of Mark for missional disciples (£3.99) using the contact form.

Mark 14: 1-11

Jesus at Bethany: messianic anointing and betrayal

Mark 14: 12-25

The Last Supper: betrayal and New Exodus

Mark 14: 16-52

Gethsemane: the collapse of the messianic community

Mark 14: 53-15:1

Jesus before the Sanhedrin: “You are the Messiah?”

Mark 15: 2-20

Jesus befor Rome: “You are the King of the Jews?”

Mark 15: 21-32

The crucifixion of Jesus: the Way of the Cross

Mark 15: 33-47

The death of Jesus: the end of the world

Mark 16: 1-8

The resurrection: discipleship of the Easter Jesus


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