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Crisis: Christianity no longer looks like Jesus

The church is in crisis is because Christianity no longer looks like Jesus. The institutional church no longer reminds people of Jesus. The video explores the gap between the (negative) experiences of church by people outside the institution and the (positive) experiences of those inside the church.

Discipleship and faith: a road trip with Jesus

The first words Jesus speaks are, “Follow me!” He calls them on a journey of discipleship.  Discipleship is a process of being formed to be recognisably like Jesus. The fundamental gospel image is of a road trip with Jesus – a journey in which we learn what Jesus wants to teach us.  To be the church is to be a community that is on a journey of discipleship – following Jesus and sharing in his mission.

The Way of the Cross vs Survivalism

Survivalism is the opposite of discipleship.  It is a mindset that lsees its vital resources as scarce and dwindling, and tries to oreserve its life at all costs.  Jesus told his would-be disciples to “take up their cross and follow”. They would find their lives by losing them. The church, by contrast , is addicted to survival. We need to learn what Jesus meant by the Way of the Cross.

Discipleship: living life for the sake of the neediest

The Kingdom of God that Jesus proclaimed was a world turned upside down on behalf of the poorest and neediest. The church needs to learn how to live life for the sake of the neediest in society rather than for its own flourishing and benefit.

Being church: being part of the Good News

People are hungry for Christians and churches that look and behave like Jesus, and make a Jesus-shaped difference.  Churches not only need to proclaim Good News; they need to be experienced as part of that Good News! We need to renew covenant, build trust, invest in change.


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